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Inspiration engine

Are you looking for a wine for a specific occasion, to treat somebody or treat yourself? Try our inspiration engine. Answer a few questions and we will reveal the wine or wines from our ranges that could fit the bill. Let us inspire you!

Colour of the wine

White, red or rosé, which do you prefer?

Oak barrel

Would you like to find its hints of vanilla or typical toasted notes in this wine?

Accompanying food

A beautiful cut of meat, a plate of cheese, a gourmet dessert... What delicacy will you serve with this wine?

Each occasion has its own wine!

The ambiance, the setting, the people you share it with... Everything has an influence on tasting.

Dry wine Sweet wine

How tempted are you by sweetness? A little? A lot? Passionately?

Slightly fruity Very fruity

Do you prefer subtle hints of fruit or an explosion of fresh or candied fruit?

Light wine Intense - tannic wine

Are you looking for a wine that is easy to drink or one with more structure, which is complex and with more character?

Cornalin (Barrique)...
CHF27.85 Price

Cornalin (Barrique)...

Cornalin Hurlevent AOC Valais
CHF18.10 Price

Cornalin Hurlevent AOC Valais

Cuvée Prestige Hurlevent...
CHF30.65 Price

Cuvée Prestige Hurlevent...

Dame de Sion Fendant AOC...
CHF12.00 Price

Dame de Sion Fendant AOC...

Dôle Hurlevent AOC Valais
CHF13.30 Price

Dôle Hurlevent AOC Valais