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Passion. Because that is what brought us about and has kept us going, still, always and for a long time to come.

An inherited passion
The Fils de Charles Favre wine cellar was founded in 1944 and is a real gift from history.
Our cellar, which represents a fantastic inheritance from the personalities that have left their mark on the wine-making world of the Canton of Valais (Charles, René-Pierre, Benjamin, Hanny and Jean-Pierre), has always been able to find the tastes, the words and a way to convey this passion that characterises it.

A passion for excellence
With the reputation that we have long enjoyed (and will enjoy for a long time to come) as the “Small House for Great Wines”, we have always stood out due to the excellence of our wines.
Matured in different ranges, each with their own, clear character (Dame de Sion, Hurlevent, Montorge, Favi and Collection F), our wines are an expression of the diversity of the grape varieties and the soils of our dear Valais region.

A passion for sharing
Because wine ageing is an art, it requires emotion, passion and a lot of sharing.
Due to our conviction of the essential nature of this latter necessity, we (along with our faithful suppliers) care for our vines and vinify the grapes with the sole aim of creating the pleasure that you will enjoy… and that you can share at every moment in life.

A passion of a lifetime
Today, and even if things have changed over time, members of the Favre family (Frédéric and Samuel, Jean-Pierre’s nephews) still work for the cellar. Day after day they observe the respect and the feeling that the current team applies to perpetuating this life of passions.
So let’s share this vision of wine, between excellence and sharing, to honour this unique heritage. Cheers!

Photo: Jean-Pierre and Hanny Favre


Heritage. Because treasuring and respecting our heritage are what makes us who we are.

Clos du Castel d’Or

One of a kind.

Acquired in 1941 by Charles Favre, this is the oldest of the family’s vineyards. It lies between Sion and Sierre in the heart of the Rhone Valley. It is a hillside of more than 3 hectares with a soil that is rich with alluviums and moraine scree. The vine’s roots can grow down to a depth of ten metres.

The 2.8-hectare vineyard is aired by the breeze that regularly sweeps down the Rhone plain in the afternoon. The Crêtes des Peters vineyard is composed of 24,000 m² of Pinot Noir and 4,000 m² of Diolinoir.

At the summit of the hill, which peaks at 547 m, a building known as the Castel d’Or overlooks the vineyard. This little gem was converted in 2005 and now has a modern kitchen, a glazed cellar, a lounge and a dining room that can host up to 8 people.

Available for hire: +41 27 327 50 50 info@favre-vins.ch



Nestled halfway up the hillsides on the right bank of the Rhone, 3.5 km from Sion and next to the hamlet of Molignon, this magnificent 3-hectare terraced vineyard stretches along the Clavau bisse. An ideal setting for nature lovers and hikers, the bisse was built in 1453 to irrigate the cultivations of Sion. Every year, more than 100,000 people hike the trail that is one of the favourite destinations for tourists walking in Valais.

Terraces formed of clay and limestone schists, the Molignon vineyard has always had an excellent reputation. The Molignon vineyard was acquired by the “Small House for Great Wines” in December 2013 to benefit from the best land.

The vines are mostly Merlot, Diolinoir and Chasselas.



At the heart of the Valais region, Sion (its capital) is dominated by the emblematic hills of Valère and Tourbillon. Hectares of terraced vines with their dry stone walls cover the hillsides next to the town and enjoy its southerly exposure.

Located in the grounds of Tourbillon Castle, our vineyard is composed of a series of high steps, a particularity that shapes this unique landscape.

These sometimes tiny and sloped parcels are mostly worked by hand, with limited harvests, which offer a real gauge of quality. We cultivate Arvine, Cornalin, Humagne Rouge and Chasselas here.

Cave de Montorge


Created in 1964 on the Montorge hillside and acquired by Les Fils de Charles Favre in 1995, this wine cellar is a little gem in the midst of the vineyard. A stone’s throw from the protected site of Montorge and its charming little lake, it enjoys a unique and preserved environment just ten minutes from Sion. Its authentic vintages will thrill connoisseurs and wine buffs seeking out something special.

Cave de Montorge offers a broad range of 10 specialities, almost all available in 50 cl format, under the Cave de Montorge appellation.


Reception. Because hosting you is a privileged way to introduce you to our creations.



If it could only speak, who knows what tales this traditional little room for savouring wines would tell us… For decades, it has been hosting wine buffs, great connoisseurs, stars and celebrities, in a much appreciated typical wooden setting.

Its ever warm atmosphere helps to make it our favourite place for discovering our wines.

Our “carnotzet” is available for hire for associations for meetings.

With a maximum capacity of 25, the premises are equipped with WiFi and a video projector can be installed.

Wines consumed on the premises are also invoiced at the special cellar price.

Available for hire: +41 27 327 50 50 info@favre-vins.ch

Our Castel d’Or


A confidential vineyard in an exceptional setting, the Castel d’Or is available to host your VIP private events.

Acquired in 1941 by Charles Favre, this is the oldest of the family’s vineyards. It lies between Sion and Sierre in the heart of the Rhone Valley.

This 3-hectare hill is overlooked by a building. This little gem was converted in 2005 and now has a modern kitchen, a glazed cellar, a lounge and a dining room that can host up to 8 people.

Available for hire: +41 27 327 50 50 info@favre-vins.ch


Characters. Unique individuals, but above all a solid team, united by a passion for wine.


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