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Les Fils de Charles Favre
Pinot gris


Pinot gris AOC

  • Production area
    Central Valais on the right side of the valley.
  • Wine variety
    Pinot gris, a variant of Pinot noir, with a much lighter hue. It probably originates from Burgundy. In Valais, Pinot gris is often marketed under the trade name of Malvoisie.
  • Taste
    It has a golden yellow colour and an exquisite bouquet with an honest nose and a very pleasant evolution. Its taste lingers splendidly and there is a remarkable balance between the richness of fruit and the acidity-bitterness structures.
  • Gastronomy
    This delicate liquid, giving off the finesse of a high quality wine matured in the fairyland of late autumn, is a great dessert wine. Cooled to the same degree as champagne, it is served very fresh and accompanied by appetizers, and is a delightful succes
  • We recommend
    it to be served at a temperature of between 8°C and 10°C and to be drunk not too young.
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