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Les Fils de Charles Favre

Cave de Montorge

Syrah AOC

  • Production area
    Châtroz/Sion and central Valais.
  • Wine variety
    Syrah. The origin of Syrah is not known exactly. Certain experts believe that its name comes from the town of Shiraz in the Persian Gulf, others suggest the town of Syracuse in Sicily, since both spellings, Shiraz and Syrac, exist and both forms are synon
  • Taste
    Established on the slopes most favoured by the sun, our Syrah gives the best of its fruit, offering full aromas of black berries and spices, filling the palate with strong, greedy sensations, with voluptuous tannin odours.
  • Gastronomy
    Its raspberry flavour adds to the quality of beef filet, chestnut turkey stuffing, rabbit fricassee with juniper berries, braised red meats, rib roast beef with marrow, game in general, stuffed quail and various cheeses.
  • We recommend
    Syrah is an excellent wine for cellar storage, we recommend you to serve it at a temperature of between 16°C and 20°C.
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Les Fils de Charles Favre Les Fils de Charles Favre Les Fils de Charles Favre