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Les Fils de Charles Favre

Cave de Montorge

Ermitage AOC

  • Production area
    Central Valais, right bank.
  • Wine variety
    Marsanne blanche, a plant which comes from Tain-L’Hermitage to the south of Lyon (from where it takes its name). A noble vine which was imported into Valais towards the mid-nineteenth century. It matures late, and it is found only on very dry and stony s
  • Taste
    A wine with character! Virile, aristocratic, creamy and aromatic. Its sumptuous perfume gives off one thousand disturbing odours. Its savour is rich and full, its aromas are complex and worthy of a high quality wine. The «Fumerolles» Ermitage is a source
  • Gastronomy
    Our slightly sweet Ermitage is highly suitable as an apéritif or dessert wine. It is an excellent accompaniment for foie gras, poached fish, poultry à la crème and alpine cheeses.
  • We recommend
    An excellent wine for ageing, we believe you will appreciate it best at a temperature of between 8° and 10°.
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Les Fils de Charles Favre Les Fils de Charles Favre Les Fils de Charles Favre