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Les Fils de Charles Favre
Heida (Païen)


Heida (Païen) AOC

  • Production area
    The commune of Conthey.
  • Wine variety
    White Savagnan. Taking its name from Païen or Heida in Valais, it is called Savagnin in the Jura or Taminer in Alsace and in the Palatinate. Whilst it has been planted in Upper Valais vines (Visperterminen) since the 16th century, it also does honour to the French-speaking part of the canton today, where its qualities and originality are fully appreciated. Its yields tend to be modest and, once ripe, it obtains high sugar and acidity levels, indications of a high capacity for ageing.
  • Taste
    Our «Hurlevent » Païen is a wine with a highly dense structure, has class, and lasting taste. Deliciously perfumed with aromas of nuts and hazelnuts, it provides a fresh and mellow taste, which is a vivacious and with considerable persistence.
  • Gastronomy
    This rare wine makes for a surprise apéritif for connoisseurs and is ideal with cream of chervil, country dishes, classical Valaisan specialities, fish with tartar sauce and alpage cheeses.
  • We recommend
    Your are recommended to drink this wine at a temperature of between 9° and 11°C.
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