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Les Fils de Charles Favre
Cornalin (en barrique)

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Cornalin (en barrique) AOC

  • Production area
    Central Valais.
  • Grape variety
    Cornalin, which is matured for several months in wooden barrels, is probably one of the oldest of all red grape varieties to have been planted in the Valais. With a small yield, requiring direct exposure to the sun, ripening very late and with a capricious touch, Cornalin has discouraged generations of wine-growers.
  • Taste
    This wine has a rustic and wild character, with a spicy note and aroma of cloves.
  • Gastronomy
    This is a wine to be laid down which goes perfectly with game, red wine and cheese.
  • We recommend
    to appreciate this wine at a temperature of 16 – 20°.
75 cl. CHF 30.00    Cart

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