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Les Fils de Charles Favre
Sion - Pinot noir (en barrique)

Collection F

Sion - Pinot noir (en barrique) AOC

  • Production area
    In the town of Sion
  • Wine variety
    Pinot noir.
  • Taste
    We have raised this «»SION – PINOT NOIR» from our «F» Collection in casks. It has a beautiful ruby robe, sustained by black reflections. A sweet and fruity taste which stays dense and long in the mouth, it has superb fine tannins, with a hint of wood; it’s
  • Gastronomy
    This great conqueror possesses a pronounced character, it is full bodied, with a high alcohol level and accompanies banquets and gala dinners in a dignified manner. Following a few years in a cellar, it should be served at a temperature of between 16°C an
  • We recommend
    Limited to 5,100 bottles.
75 cl. CHF 26.00    Cart

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