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Les Fils de Charles Favre


Favi AOC

  • Wine variety
    Pinot noir, Syrah, Humagne rouge, Diolinoir, all mixed from Gamaret and united in the same vintage; this is the latest creation from les Fils de Ch. Favre S.A. The event marks the 60 year anniversary of “La Petite Maison des Grands Vins” (“The small cellar with the big wines”) as well as the boss, Jean-Pierre Favre’s 60th birthday. Jean-Pierre whom nothing stops in his quest to conquer the best.
  • Taste
    This jewel from the «Petite Maison» crown has been called FAVI (Favre Vin – Favre Wine). Four types of highly noble red wines. A marvellous blend. A genuine communion. FAVI will please you straight away with its bold character, its discretion, its multiple perfumes, its balance and its price.
  • Gastronomie
    An ideal accompaniment for red or white meat, game, poultry and cheese.
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Les Fils de Charles Favre Les Fils de Charles Favre Les Fils de Charles Favre