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Les Fils de Charles Favre
Cuvée Prestige (en barrique)


Cuvée Prestige (en barrique) AOC

  • Production area
    I've really wanted this wine. I've searched hard for it. It's a bet. I belive wholeheartedly in this prestige.
  • Wine variety
    It's a collection of great red wines. Cabernet, Merlot and their partners Humagne and Syrah lead the way.
  • Taste
    When you're out for a good time... What harmony. What breedig. All these wines a cultivated separately, in their own vineyards, before the divine moment of their assembly and their complicity.
  • Gastronomy
    The wine is not filtered. I advise you to serve it from a carafe. It will arrive dressed in party dress an in work clothes. You have trusted me once more. If only you know how proud I am to be able to accomplish this for you.
  • We recommend
    it to be served at a temperature of between 18°C and 20°C. There are only six thoussand bottles available.
75 cl. CHF 33.00    Cart 150 cl. CHF 66.00    Cart

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Les Fils de Charles Favre Les Fils de Charles Favre Les Fils de Charles Favre