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Les Fils de Charles Favre
Humagne rouge


Humagne rouge AOC

  • Production area
    Central Valais.
  • Wine variety
    Humagne is an old indigenous plant. Certain ampelographs also see it as a representative of the old Oriou plant, known as the «Little Red» from the Val d’Aoste.
  • Taste
    This powerful wine distinguishes itself with its bouquet characteristic of game and hints of animal, which, during maturing, is covered with fruit and spicy aromas. It is a robust and stimulating wine, full of nerve and flow.
  • Gastronomy
    «Chant du Vent» Humagne rouge is a wine which benefits from storage and matches well with game, rabbit fricassée, mutton stew, red meat, and cheeses from the mountains.
  • We recommend
    it to be served at a temperature of between 16°C and 20°C.
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